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New Mobile Site

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New Mobile Site

Posted on Tue, May 31, 2011

We're working hard to make your site useful for mobile devices. Click for more information!

We've received a lot of feedback, positive and negative, about the first iteration of our mobile-optimized websites. The idea was to create a simple template, along with a few optimizations, but then serve the same pages as the desktop site. This had advantages, but in the end, it wasn't an easy-to-use solution. Our whole business goal is an easy website for you and your users, so that wasn't acceptable.

Instead, we decided to create a whole new mobile site from the ground up. The information was pared down the bare essentials: the church name, address, phone number, description, staff, news, events and photo galleries. Everything is immediately accessible and easy to find. For anything that's missing, there's a link at the bottom to switch over to your full site.

Want to try it out? Just visit on a mobile browser, or from a desktop browser, replace the "www" in your domain name with "m". So "" becomes "". Your mobile visitors will be taken there automatically.

We need your feedback! What are your top priorities that you'd like to see added to the mobile version? At the moment, there's no customization options: what would you like to be able to change? You can reply here, or drop an email to our support line.

Let us know of any problems you have, as always!

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